About Us:

 Together Baltimore exists to propel the Church and prosper the city by displaying God’s love through community restoration and collaboration.

In the summer of 2008, Gallery Church of Baltimore began serving its surrounding neighborhoods through a missions event. Partner churches and organizations from all over the U.S. joined our church to serve Baltimore’s people, helping make this event a success. Since 2008, our outreach has grown through the increased participation of local churches, community associations, nonprofits, and businesses.

Two years ago, Gallery Church transitioned to a church model with four different neighborhood churches. As part of that transition, we have challenged our neighborhood churches to help us craft Together Baltimore events that develop deep, lasting relationships and long-term impact on their communities. The result has been a diverse array of localized, intentional, and personal projects that aim to build bridges, foster healing, inspire growth, and expand a sense of community in every Baltimore neighborhood. As we work to be the hands and feet of Jesus, we continue to rely heavily on our partners to help make these projects successful.

We firmly believe that together, we can bring hope, love, and restoration to each corner of our city. We want to see a Baltimore full of hope and life, and we look forward to working with you to make that happen!

Our Team:

Together Baltimore is, at it’s core, an expression of our neighborhood churches.  The Coordinator Team is charged with the logistical planning of Together Baltimore and to create a system that empowers the church to dream, focus on relationships, efficiently resource their projects, and operate with a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

Vision Team

Ellis Prince

Lead Pastor - Gallery Church Downtown

Derek Miller

Pastor - Gallery Church Patterson Park

George Hopkins

Pastor - Gallery Church Sowebo

Austin O’Donald

Church Planting Apprentice - Gallery Church Eastpoint

Patrick Dieguez

Lead Coordinator

Kate Blanas

City-Wide Project Coordinator

Vickie Vanderpool

Partner & Volunteer Coordinator

Albert Smith

Marketing & Experience Coordinator

Judy Kaiser

Hospitality Coordinator

Blake Cataldo

Gathering Coordinator

Jessica Wong

Neighborhood Project Lead - GCDT

Brian Zubeck

Neighborhood Project Lead - GCSW


I think that sometimes we look at events like this and we focus on the numbers. How many were tested? How many were positive? How many were linked to care? These are each important, but when we boil this day down to just numbers we miss what else is happening: Relationships. That is what our sister needed yesterday and that is what was created as she spoke with a volunteer and an HIV specialist.

Erin DonovanHope Springs

This was a fantastic event at the 1218-1220 W. Lombard St lot. Thanks to all the volunteers who came far distances to provide a wonderful day of service to the Hollins Market community. That block looks much nicer now with the plants, flowers and trees on the lot. I hope more good things happen at that lot and that today’s large volunteer presence inspires local neighbors to get involved in future community events.

Chris RedwoodHollins Market Neighborhood Association

Not only did you all perform a ton of work yourselves you helped us engage and strengthen our partnerships with Parks & People and Bon Secours. And I am sure that this will also help us to strengthen our influence with the city to be more attentive to our neighborhoods.

Scott KashnowFranklin Square Neighborhood Association

Thank you so much for working with us to schedule the Volunteer Clean-up Day on June 24th. The teams were absolutely awesome. They worked non-stop before and after lunch to get the work completed. The closets have never been more accessible and a pleasure to enter. Mrs. Adams and I are sincerely grateful for the work the volunteers did. We greatly appreciate you partnering with our school and including us in this project. Both Mrs. Adams and I look forward to working with you again.

Regina F. PattersonPrincipal, Dallas F Nicholas Sr. Elementary

A quick note to say how grateful AG was for you all coordinating the event on Wednesday. The volunteer team was amazing, as was Hillary, Daniel and Lauren from Gallery Church (hope I got names right). Hoping we can find more ways to connect and be God’s people together.

Pastor Gary DittmanAmazing Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church

I would like to thank you and the wonderful group of volunteers that I worked with on Monday! They were truely amazing!!

Vikki VolkWilliam Paca Elementary School